must have Monday: to the gym!

So, it would seem it's 2012 already. And what with it being January, it's going to be almost impossible not go to the gym at least once. It's as though it's programmed in or something: January = go to the gym time.

Now I, for one, love my gym and it feels mighty weird not having been for a couple of weeks (oh Christmas holidays, you little rascal!) but I don't know if I can handle going in the first week of January, when it'll no doubt be utterly packed with eager resolutionists.

Perhaps it would be more bearable if I could walk in there and show them all that I mean business - maybe if I had some snazzy outfits to wear, some neat accessories and some mean equipment... a bit like these perhaps...

>>> gym tops <<<

>>> gym bottoms <<<

>>> running skirts <<<

>>> dance shorts <<<

>>> training shoes <<<

>>> gym bags <<<

>>> headphones <<<

>>> misc gym-y accessories (kind of) <<<

>>> my kind of gym <<<

Maybe I'm showing my age, but you know more people would stick at the gym if they had these kinds of goodies to play with! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

3 hellos:

TheRunHome said...

Great finds! Love the sparkly shorts! Too cute!
Thanks so much for including my RUN LIKE A GIRL Necklace!
Run safe and always RUN HOME!

Vixie said...

I think they are my favourites too!

Whimsical Walney said...

Thank you for including my cupcake towel! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012.

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