must have Monday: epaulettes

I've never really been one for uniforms of any sort - the pomp and majesty of it all is of no real interest to me - yet I am more than a little enamoured of one aspect of the military uniform: epaulettes.

The word epaulette means 'little shoulder' in French - how adorable is that? It just makes me love them even more. And not necessarily the ceremonial fringey military ones, rather prettier ones that can be added to just about any outfit, like these lovelies:

Or how about something a bit more... spiky?

>>>all from the wonderful Binkaminka<<<

Don't you think those spiked ones are reminiscent of armour?
I wonder if spaulders will be next...?

original images from here - how did you know I added the pink bits...?

How do you feel about epaulettes - awesome? ridiculous?
And do you think spaulders will be next???

2 hellos:

Siobhan said...


I will be checking out your links later xx

Vixie said...

Hurrah! Finally someone else who appreciates them as much as I do!

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