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It has always interested me what kinds of things people keep in their bathrooms. Bath stuff and toiletries go without saying, but as a kid I remember that the bathrooms or WCs of my grandparents, uncles or aunts, family friends and most other adults I knew contained a bookshelf, or at the very least, a pile of books on a chair. Perhaps it's a little crass to keep books in your bathroom, but it's something I have always just expected...

Generally, it tends to be books that one can just dip into - books containing lists or other factual books, encyclopedias or pub quiz trivia. Having said that, I don't think I ever went to the bathroom in my grandparents' old house without there being a Farside Gallery book, a Calvin & Hobbes book and the newest edition of Private Eye magazine.

My maternal grandparents' house only rarely contained a magazine or newspaper, but on the back of the door was a huge poster detailing the history of the British monarchy, so that was more than enough information to attempt to absorb. I love the idea that bathroom time shouldn't be wasted time - that it should be used as a further opportunity to learn!

The walls of my own WC are currently covered in posters - one details cloud names, types and formations, another pictures shows British birds, another the flags of the world and the last is a detailed map of the moon. A nice selection, I thought, and rather necessary since a lot of people think it odd to keep books in there. Despite this, there is also a book of British words and sayings and yet another history of the British monarchy. Quite a theme there, methinks.

 How about these immense bathroom libraries! Jealous much? I certainly am!

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What do you have in your bathroom? Any books?

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Siobhan said...

I'm not sure how I feel baout them - there were always crime novels in the bathroom when I was growing up. And by bathroom I mean toilet as it was separate from the bath and shower.

It is normal to me but I never wnated to read magazines or books in the bathroom. I like the idea of posters though. :)

Vixie said...

I think posters in the bathroom are a much easier way of learning awesome factoids!

Claire said...

I wouldn't want too many books in there (damp + books = stressed Claire), but I tend to have a few reads in there :)


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