new year, new calendar

I know it might be a wee bit late in the day to start thinking about buying a 2012 calendar, but even though there are only a few days left of the year, you've gotta remember that January is normally pretty quiet - no one has any money after the holidays, people are trying to eat less rich food or drink less, and most people have made resolutions that don't require a lot of socialising...

...what I'm trying to say is that you still have time to order 2012 calendars - and most of them are on sale now too, bonus!

here are some of my favourites...

little foxes calendar by Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber

*** check out Deborah's FB page for a chance to win the fabric board game calendar!

desk calendar by Andrea Courchene of Paper Sparrow

Do you have a new calendar yet?
Do you have a lot of plans for January?

5 hellos:

Claire said...


I have a cute new typographic calendar from M's brother and sister-in-law, and a planner for 2012 on its way from the US. I love planning!

I have oodles of plans for January - you?

And speaking of plans - tea or brunch soon?


Vixie said...

My January mainly involves moving house, so that'll keep me pretty busy!

Siobhan said...

These are great - am buying one of them from this list!

I hope moving house goes well! xxx

Vixie said...

Awesome - which one? I've bought this one, I couldn't resist:

Thanks muchly :)

Claire said...

Totally understand - if you'd like me to come help and come bearing tea/cakes, let me know.

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