gowns and spider webs for baby Jesus

When I visited Prague a few years ago, I went to the most amazing church ever ever ever - the church of Our Lady of Victory. You might not have heard of it by name, but you may have heard of what it contains: the Infant Jesus of Prague, a statue of baby Jesus that is believed to have healing powers and perform miracles.

In the museum above the church, which is reached via a spiral staircase at the side of the altar, are dozens of beautiful, intricately sewn gowns for the figure of baby Jesus, as well as photos of the statue in each of his different outfits. It is incredible.

It's pretty much not linked at all to the point of this post but when I heard that pajakis were gifts of spider webs for the baby Jesus, the Infant and his wardrobe were, naturally, the first things I thought of.

I have loved the Infant of Prague ever since seeing him, and I'm pretty sure I'll love spider web chandeliers made especially for Jesus just as much! I first read about the chandeliers on Aunt Peaches' blog, and now I can't stop thinking about them...

{1} {2} {3}

{1} {2} {3}

I just want to make them out of anything and everything I can find: straws, pipecleaners, feathers, beads, sequins, pom poms, lego wheels, dolly mixtures, felt scraps - anything!


however, I can't decide what the baby Jesus would prefer --
awesome vestments or awesome paper spider web chandeliers?

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