going potty for bathrooms

So it looks like we could be moving house early next year, and instead of being super duper excited about my new studio, I'm really excited about the other rooms - like the bathroom.

I currently have two bathrooms - one is huge and white, with a small patch of blue where I thought I might paint it but then didn't get round to it, and a teeny tiny one with just one purple wall. It was an odd choice of colour, and not a choice that I made, but I haven't got round to painting it white. I probably should before I leave...

I've always liked the idea of a bathroom being like any other room in the house, in that it is decorated and furnished nicely, though most bathrooms spend their entire lives being white and sparsely furnished. I'd like my new bathroom to be a room in which I can spend plenty of time. Something like this would be nice:

>>> frame-adorned bathroom walls <<<

{1} {2} {3}

>>> pretty walls with shelving <<<

{4} {5} {6}

>>> amazingly awesome walls <<<

{7} {8} {9}

What does your bathroom look like?
Do you have art on your walls? Or book shelves?

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