TV memories + a very sparkly treasury

It's not that I watched a lot of television when I was a child, but it seems a great deal of my most vivid memories seem to be linked to programmes I watched and loved from the ages of about 5-13. There was one programme which few people seem to remember, but I adored.

Let's see if your 90's kids TV knowledge is up to scratch, here are some clues to help you guess:

  • it was set in the 'Sleeping World'
  • the musical score of the show was awesome - and was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra! 
  • the main good guys were Noops named Rufus and Amberley
  • the defenders of the Land of Dreams are called Wuts and whizz around on flying leaves
  • one of the characters in the show, Albert, is a dog-fish who swims through the air

...did you guess it?

My favourite kids TV show was The Dreamstone!

I've always wanted a Dreamstone of my very own - it's so pretty and sparkly and lovely!

These beauts are the closest things I can find to an actual Dreamstone, aren't they gorgeous?

Do you remember The Dreamstone? Go on, say you do!

5 hellos:

Roz said...

Loves loves loves the beauty of natural quartz stones!

Siobhan said...

I loved Dreamstone. I think I'd forgotten about it until I got to watch it at your hosue and then the joy came flooding back.

Vixie said...

I've just bought it on DVD - perhaps we could do the entire first series - and we could project it onto one of the walls! Amazing!

PhilH said...

The Dreamstone was awesome.

Vixie said...

And still is, Phil, and still is! You guys can come join us in our Dreamstone watching!

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