my favourite Etsians - Michelle of My Zoetrope

I don't think I could ever tire of cute and quirky illustrations, and one of my absolute favouritest illustrators is Michelle Cavigliano of My Zoetrope who creates the happiest little paintings that just make me smile every time I see them!

I recently had a little chance to ask Michelle about her work...

Hi Michelle! I'm so happy to have the chance to chat with you, and I love your illustrations! How long have you been creating stuff, and how did you first get into it?

When I was in Kindergarden, my little friends and I decided to start a band together. I became the "fashion designer" of the group and drew out all their rock star outfits for them that they would wear on stage when they were touring around the world. Fast forward 17 years and I was graduating with an Illustration degree from RIT, in Rochester NY. My first real job out of college was designing cute patterns and designs for a risque lingerie brand, so I guess you could say that I came full circle in a fashion designer sense. I worked there for six years and I was able to quit my day job a little over a year ago to work on my freelance illustration and shop full time!

That sounds pretty much the best fun ever! Apart from your fashion background, where else do you get your inspiration from?

Cute stuff! Animals, dorky things, NYC, escaping NYC, the internet, and my cat.

Other than drawing and making stuff, what else do you like to do?

Traveling! Going on adventures! I am also really into vegan cooking and baking. I've been vegan for about 4-ish years and was vegetarian for 9 years before that. I am a recipe tester for a few different vegan cookbook authors as a hobby!

That sounds nyommy! Considering that most of your pictures are of super cute animals, I wonder, if you could be any animal at all, what kind of animal you would be?

I'm sometimes envious of my cat's lifestyle of sleeping, eating, sleeping some more, being cute, and then going back to sleep. It'd be pretty neat to be a bird also...flying everywhere and anywhere.

Both of those would be awesome! Finally, please tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

I am deathly afraid of squirrels. Seriously, they are out to get me. (This is also why you'll never find a squirrel illustration in my store or portfolio...)

Aw, that's a shame, I'm rather fond of them myself!

Thanks so much for answering my questions, and sharing your pretty work with us!

check out more from Michelle here::

And look at this - Michelle is having a sale this weekend! Go check it out!

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