must have Monday - my dream garden

Ever since I moved to London I haven't had a chance to live in a house with a garden. Affordability may be a minor aspect of it, but it's mainly because I am rather partial to apartment living.

I like living high up: I like the views of the city from my studio, I like the way the sun streams through my window in the mornings, I like having an excellent view of fireworks on bonfire night and, not in a weird way, I like being able to watch stuff going on around my building.

Lately, I have been dreaming more and more of having my very own garden. I am, at least, a little realistic in that I don't have dreams of acres of land or gardens containing babbling brooks, or any other romantic stuff... though I wouldn't say no to just a little wishing well, perhaps.

There are a few pretty things that I would really rather like to have in any future garden I have, and as I imagine it is most likely to be a very small garden or a balcony of a flat, I have found some nice small things that would fit in even the most compact of outside areas.

bee hotel by Wudwerx - I love me some bees

without forgetting, of course, just a few of these...

do you have a garden? what are your must-have garden-y items?

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