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The first album that I ever bought was 'Happy Nation/The Sign' by the Swedish pop band Ace of Base. It was November 1993, just after my 11th birthday, and I eagerly wanted to spend my birthday money on cassette tapes. I previously only had my mum's old tapes to listen to, and although they were pretty neat - Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Culture Club - I wanted some tapes of my very own.

I had first seen Ace of Base on Top Of The Pops, and really rather liked them. I imagine, if asked, people would probably only remember one or two of their singles - the most famous being All That She Wants. It reached number 1 in 12 countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia and the US.

I've recently started re-listening to some of my favourite childhood albums - this time on CD rather than tape - and had forgotten how great this album is. It's not surprising that it's still one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, and has been certified nine times platinum in the US.

It seems I had pretty good taste when I was a kid, and listening to it again now, it's not difficult to work out why I love Eurovision so much! Europop won over my heart from a very early age, and I have Ace of Base to thank for that!

What was your first album? Do you still listen to it now?

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Claire said...


The first album I bought was 'Jagged Little Pill' (along with a good swathe of folk, I'd imagine!). First one bought for me was Abba's 1980 'Greatest Hits'. Old school.


PhilH said...

Ah, Ace of Base! I remember all the fuss made about them being the new Abba. And then they promptly sank without a trace.

I think my first album was probably the Bros Push Pull album. Ten out of ten!

PhilH said...

Now that put the cat among the pigeons, didn't it.

Okay, I'll stop now.

Vixie said...

AOB didn't sink without a trace - they released an album last year!

I think I had that Bros album... on tape... at university :/

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