cat hair crafting - what must Amazon think of me?

Just take a look at my latest recommendations from Amazon - an interesting bunch, non? 

If you didn't know me, I imagine they would make an interesting first impression - childrens books and DVDs, a map book, a design book, a (social) science book, a photography book, a book about lists and one about crafting. That pretty much sums up my life!

What I am most amused by is the last book: Crafting With Cat Hair.

I had never really thought of using cat hair as a crafting medium. For a short-haired cat, Yoyo molts a lot more than I had expected, but even so, I had never considered collecting up her hair and making something from it. I suppose in a way it's not too different from using wool from sheep, and if you take that stance on the matter then I guess it is perfectly reasonable to use cat hair - after all, it's soft, it's probably quite a nice texture with which to work, it's eco-friendly, and it's free!

I certainly have enough Yoyo fur in the house to make something small, like a finger puppet or a ball garland or something. And although all of the projects in the book use cat hair in some form, many of them only use it for decoration, rather than to create the item itself, which is a bit of a relief - imagine how much cat hair you would need to make a bag or something!

You have to admit that whether or not you think it's a bit weird, using molted animal fur in crafting is an interesting concept - and although it's not really something I would think about doing, I would be intrigued to see some items that can be made with cat hair.

And just in case you find the idea of felting with cat fur odd... how about knitting with it?

You can buy yarn which has been spun out of your pet's fur from Aspen Leaf Fiber Farm

If you're interested, you can read a review of Crafting With Cat Hair by Nikki-Ann on Notes of Life, and as for the wool, I don't know anyone who has ever used it... but perhaps I'll start collecting Meower's hair and see what can be made from it!

How do you feel about cat hair crafting? Would you ever consider trying it?

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