a bejeweled admission

It's 5 years since I first discovered Bejeweled on the laptop of a friend for whom I was housesitting, and still the mere hint of the spacey intro and deeper-than-really-necessary voice excites me in a way that I probably shouldn't admit.

It's no secret that I have a teeny tiny obsessive personality, but I don't think anything highlights this quite as much as the fondness I feel towards Bejeweled.

Hahaha, "fondness". I think I mean full-blown-uber-super-manic-obsession.

As well as being ludicrously addictive, Bejeweled is also super pretty and sparkly and gem-tastic. I would love to have a Bejeweled-themed room/home, and I can imagine just what I would have in it...

a rhinestone flamingo // paper gems // Kate Spade handbag // jewel-bellied trolls

For starters.

And just in case you'd like a bit more Bejeweled magic in your life, how about some of these pretties:

Are you as obsessed with anything as I am with the wonderful Bejeweled?

4 hellos:

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, excellent post ! i love your selection

Siobhan said...

Love it all! Great choices (I also love Bejewelled)

Vixie said...

I can't wait to buy all the stuff, I would love a rhinestone covered skirting board or something!

R@!$4 said...

as your comment title is.
found your blog from your comment of cocorosa's thread thing and i love this post! beautiful colors n thanks for intro-ing me this. . . shop! its toooooooooooo prettty dying of all these sharp edge loves.

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