amazing stamp for Three Fox Designs

Ever since my failed trial with print block carving, I had pretty much given up on the idea of having little stamps for my mum's new Etsy shop, and for my beloved Matin Lapin.

That was until I came across Tyr's Etsy shop.

Tyr was an absolute pleasure to work with - after just a few convos she came up with a design that was perfect for my mum's Three Fox Designs shop.

Thanks again, Tyr!

Check out her {Etsy shop} and {blog}

3 hellos:

Siobhan said...

It's lovely.

Tyr said...

Thanks for the wonderful post:D I enjoyed making the stamp too!

Vixie said...

Yay for fox stamps! Now I'll just have to get a Matin Lapin one too!

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