a wardrobe escapade

Much as it hasn't seemed like it over the last couple of weeks (we have had a mini heatwave here in London, 29 degrees in October! Unheard of!) it'll be getting colder soon, and that can mean only one thing...

I've seen many blarticles about these autumnal accessories, but have heard and seen the darling cape referred to as a great many things: cloak, capelet, shrug, wrap, poncho even! And what the bejeezus is a SCAPE?

I think we need to get this straightened out... and what better way than by playing everyone's favourite garment-spotting game, "Am I A Cape?"!

Now, as fabulous as all of these garments are, they are certainly not capes! And what this girl wants for the coming British Winter is a good old-fashioned cape. But not an old-old-fashioned one... a modern-old-fashioned one. Yes.

Let's see what goodies we can find - it's time for a wardrobe esCAPadE!

{a cape parade, yay!}

Are you planning on getting a cape? Do you already have a cape? Do you hate capes?
(that last one was a trick question - no one hates capes!)

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