a history of best friends + the bestest of them all

My best friends in chronological order are:

Amaranta, Jess, Senait, Tasha, Violet, Daisy, Gemma, Jason, Bethan, Matt, Adam C, Mark, Rowan, Nicky, Sally, Tom, Ben, Paul, Maria, James, Alayne, Jenny, Adam W, Ian, Toby, John, Chris, James, Kaz.

Girls: 15
Boys: 14

Pretty even, non? But from nursery school until high school I only had girl friends.

When I hit about 13 or 14 (and had moved from London to Devon) I suddenly had very few girl friends. Then from the age of 14 until 18 I only had two or three girl friends. It's a pretty important time in a persons' life, and my life at that point was filled with friends who were boys. At university it was more mixed, with 4 girls to 6 boys, not a bad ratio, but now I have one bestest best friend of all, and she is a girl.

I have other friends, and there are plenty of people I would drive across the country to help if they needed me, but only one I would potentially fly to another country for (though thankfully I have never had to). The girl went and climbed Kilimanjaro last year, and I was so crazy worried about her that I was tempted to fly out there just to make sure she was OK. She was, of course.

Kaz up a mountain

I don't know what it is about girls which makes me find it so difficult to get on with them. The silly thing is that I'm not a huge tomboy - I'm a bit of one, but I love girly stuff too. It would make more sense if I was super un-girly but I love glitter and pink and dressing up just as much as the average bear.

It took us about 6 months to become friends - when we first met she thought I was loud and annoying and I thought she was moody and sullen. She is those things sometimes, but I love that about her and I doubt our relationship would be what it is now without that first weird bit where we should have got on but just didn't. I never would have thought we'd be best friends now, but here we are.

The thing about Kaz that makes her different from most girls, and makes her the perfect best friend for me is that she is exactly the right amount of independent, courageous, aggressive, hard-working, stubborn, strong-willed, patient, caring, thoughtful, witty and awesome. I had always needed someone like that in my life, and it's an absolute godsend that she has stayed as long as she has. It's been a tough couple of years and she has stuck by me through it all, and I will never be able to describe how insanely grateful I am to her for that. She has given me new confidence and belief in myself, and has probably made me a better person over the years, just by being there: a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader and a super duper best friend.

This weekend she completed the Chicago Marathon, and I cannot put into words how amazingly proud I am of her. She is an absolute inspiration, and I just wanted to share that with you :)

6 hellos:

Sarbear said...

Such a sweet story to tell about your best gal pal. Sometimes we need friends that are different from us in certain ways. Provides for a good balance. :)


Siobhan said...

Kaz is brilliant. And so are you. x

Vixie said...

She is pretty perfect, she knows exactly when to be tough on me, and I couldn't do without her!

Aww, thanks Siobhan, you too xx

Claire said...

Kaz is awesome :)

Love you both oodles.

Since I lost A, I've never had another best friend, but I am truly blessed to have a wonderful cast of close friends, which both of you brunch-buddies definitely are!


Vixie said...

I think she's my first proper best friend since I was a kid. It's a bit odd, but very warming to know we have each other :)

Oooh, brunch on Sunday?

Kaz said...

I love you even more than Boo (and that's quite a lot)! x x x

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