Día de los Muertos costume - part 2: clothing

So, we looked at calavera make-up in the last costume post, and this time we'll be looking at clothing, specifically dresses.

There are a great many ways of styling a costume for this theme, and I can't possibly describe all of them so I will just do a couple of my favourites, if that's OK!

The first group of dresses are pretty much standard gothic style:

{sugar skull dress by Chaotic Couture}
{black lace dress by Marjolein Turin of Somnia Romantica}
{gothic dress with bows}

The next lot are lolita dresses, which I reckon would look super cute with the calavera make-up!

{white bow dress} {black and dark red dress} {lolita schoolgirl dress by Melanie Gail}

And last but not least, if you wanted to super duper Día-de-los-Muertos it up, you could go for a dress adorned with skulls, senoritas or even the Virgin Mary, like these beauties:

I can't wait for next week when I'll be looking for COSTUME ACCESSORIES! Wooooo!

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