what's in my bag?

As you may have seen in my outfit post the other day, I am currently using this gorgeousness as my everyday bag. I positively love it. I saw it in a shop in Edinburgh last year but it took me months to decide to actually buy it - and I'm so glad I did! It's designed by Carrie Lewis and has birdies on it and a key and a polka dot lining and the zip pull is a little puffy cloud! All good! In case you're interested, you can buy it here or you can see the rest of the 'Wagtail' range here.

But back to the main point of the post: what little trinkets do I carry about with me on a daily basis? I love reading these posts on other peoples' blogs so I thought I'd do my very own.

Here goes:

1. Norwegian pocket dictionary
2. my goes-everywhere-with-me journal from Paperchase
3. pretty yellow nail varnish from H&M
4. mini pocket watch from Camden market
5. hand sanitiser is a must when you're always playing in trees or puddles
6. coin purse with a hideous cat on it - given to me by my mummy
7. nyom nyom nyom plain chocolate with orangey and almondy bits
8. strawberry chapstick tastes so good sometimes I just eat it
9. bear strawberry yoyos from Waitrose - bought primarily because the packaging was cute
10. a selection of black pens for all uses
11. spare bobby pins for when my hair is misbehaving
12. paracetamol tablets - I get headaches quite often :(
13. emergency chocolate - usually a creme egg, as pictured
14. muscle pain relief for my stupid shoulders
15. blu tack just because you never know when it might come in handy
16. house keys with a glittery purple frog keyring
17. beepy penguin from my friend Mahdi
18. awesome qwerty card purse bought from capow on Etsy
19. vintage pin badge from Edinburgh
20. plastic tiara, just in case
21. inhaler
22. soothing lip balm from Superdrug
23. pretty purple pocket mirror, also from my mum
24. hand wipes - because my friends are a mucky bunch
25. USB stick
26. the camera with which I took the photo

*Yoyo doesn't actually come around with me in my bag, as much as I would like her to, it's just that she doesn't like being left out of photos.

I have to admit, it's more than I had expected - no wonder it's never terribly light!

Now, what do you have in your bag, eh?

3 hellos:

Claire said...

Cute! I may borrow this post idea in the next week or so. :) Looking forward to seeing you, and your cute bag, on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I love your bag! and aren't paperchase notebooks just the cutest?

Vixie said...

Aw, thanks Kate! I am somewhat obsessed with Paperchase...

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