lucky white cat

For some time now I have been longing for a white cat, and although I adore Yoyo's beautiful tabby colourings, there's just something adorable about white cats.

It's not realistic to actually get another cat since Yoey is so insanely nervous around everyone and everything, so I have resigned myself to just looking at pretty things with white cats on.
Here are some of my recent favourites:

1: Little Snow plush by dancingintherains 2: White Cat Looking Back by Kate Endle
3: Cotton White Kitten brooch by Mel Stringer 4: Miss White Cat and Girl felt pin by Alina Bunaciu

I came into work this morning to be greeted by this little fellow sitting on my desk:

Without even reading the little card that accompanied him, I knew he was from my friend Daphne. She sometimes leaves little gifties on my desk if I'm feeling a bit low, but apparently this particular one was a thank-you-for-baking-me-a-lovely-chocolate-fudge-cake gift. I should bake for her more often if I get pretty white kitten gifties for it!

Inside the card was a lottery ticket for tonight - let's hope he really is a lucky white cat!

2 hellos:

Claire said...

What a cute gift! I'm just getting my 'back to school' gifts sorted for colleagues (in fact, I'll be buying some after meeting with you and Kaz!).


Vixie said...

I love him, he really brightens up my office space! Have yet to name him though, I think he looks like a Richard, what do you think?

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