let's try that again: return of the bumbags

OK, so my recent bumbag obsession has had some mixed reactions... I still seem to be most excited about their return and I'm not quite sure why more people aren't joining me in bigging-up the bumbag. I know they still have an awful reputation, but that was 20 years ago now - give them another chance, guys!

After the AMAZING Wilder Alison bumbags I showed you last time, I knew I had to have something pretty special for this week's edition of "Return of the Bumbags" - and I think I have just the thing.

I present for your delectation:

"but what on earth is a fancypack?" I hear you cry...

...it's the best invention ever, is what it is!

Carla Morales designed this bumbag (OK OK, 'fannypack') to be shaped like an innocent bow so that no one would suspect it was a bumbag. It retains all the usefulness of a bumbag with hidden pockets fixed with velcro, all within a highly fashionable exterior. Genius.

I know, right! But it's true: that gorgeous leatherette bow is actually a bumbag in disguise!

And look there are lots more in all sorts of colours and patterns and fabrics:

I personally quite fancy this lovely yellow one:

To see more of Carla's wonderful creations, check her out here:

2 hellos:

Kaz said...

WOWs, I heart this <3

Vixie said...

Hurrah! Someone else joins in me in my bumbag <3 xx

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