a charitea party - a tea cosy hat is mandatory

Yesterday, in my weekly blog trawl, I read a fascinating post on Kathryn's blog, Kat Got The Cream, about National Wear a Tea Cosy On Your Head Day. It rather amazes me that I had never heard of this day before now!

This year it is on Thursday 22nd September - this Thursday! Kathryn had a chari-tea party to raise money for the White Stuff Foundation , and provided her guests with cucumber sandwiches, a Victoria Sponge cake and all sorts of other goodies, including party games and bingo! Plus, of course, she wore her tea cosy on her head with pride.

When I mentioned it to a colleague at school this morning they were wholly unsurprised that it was something I wanted to do, and even offered up their own tea cosy for me to use! As generous as this was, I am actually hoping to make my own tea cosy for the occasion, but if that fails I know where to go.

I've been looking at lots of pretty tea cosies to get some inspiration, and some of them are pretty darn snazzy, I must say! Here are some of my favourites:

How about some woodland animals, just for good measure:

Oh, and just for fun, look what else I spied along the way: 

I feel an obsession coming on...

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Cassi said...

Thanks for including my tea cozy in your wonderful round-up!
Cassi from Bella Dia

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