7 things

I am rather enjoying all the list-based posts that are going round at the moment, so I thought I'd 'steal' something that I saw on Janee's blog, Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard called 7 Things...

{Japan} {Egypt} {New Zealand} {Mexico} {Canada} {Russia} {Antarctica}

{unicorn pinata} {blackberry jam} {awesome shoes} {bumbags for everyone!}

{Jason Donovan} {Gerald Durrell} {Marilyn Monroe}
{Gene Kelly} {Take That - they count as just one right?}
{Michael Palin} {an Egyptian Pharaoh}

{a barn owl} {a little craft shop} {a pretty house that I could give to my parents}
{nice biscuit necklace} {a home library} {pretty yellow mixer} {a unicorn}

{non-ironic pretentiousness} {earworms} {people who spit}
{comic sans} {running out of biscuits} {plug sockets that are switched on} {poor spelling}

I rather enjoyed that! Let me know if you do your own :)

2 hellos:

Janee Lookerse said...

Whoa! Your list is WAY better than mine! Nicely done! I laughed the whole way though :)


Vixie said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Janee! I had so much fun putting it together and got a bit excited when I decided to use pictures too! Such simple pleasures we bloggers have!

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