woodland friends on cardigans - squirrel edition

I know it wasn't a challenge, as such, but since the discovery of the amazing hedgehog jumper I thought I'd search for more woodland animals on knitwear. S is particularly partial to a squirrel, so that's where our adventure begins, my woodland friends.

I flippin' love squirrels, as you may remember from the acorn-based treasury I made earlier in the year, and I've been thinking about them pretty much all day (and I may have accidentally made another squirrely treasury earlier too).

I spent the entire morning wrapping presents (more on that later), and the afternoon making labels for the new drawers in my studio (more on that later too) before giving into my craving for Bombay potatoes, but all the times inbetween were spent thinking about squirrels, and in particular, squirrels on cardigans.

Here is what I have found:

But perhaps they're just not your thing. That's fine. I mean, you're wrong, but that's fine.

You could always snazz up an existing cardigan with some of these badboys:

I know, they are fabulous, non?

You can see more crocheted goodies in the LightBlueRose shop on DaWanda.

If they are still not up your street, I have one more suggestion...

You know how some leather jackets are all embroidered and pretty on the back? Well how about instead of having girls or eagles or skulls on the back of your leather jacket, have a rapscallion of a squirrel!

Imagine the possibilities!

I have taken the liberty of "designing" one, just in case. The original jacket was pretty nice, I guess, but I think you'll agree I have made a significant improvement to the back of it:

I think my job here is done.

4 hellos:

Siobhan said...

WOW! I have just joined ravelry as I feel the need to knit a squirrel cardigan (though I have some secret projects coming up first - exciting!)

Brilliant post. Thank you for the squirrels. I love squirrels. In fact I gte a bit like this


Vixie said...

I have too! Even though I technically don't know how to follow a pattern... perhaps you can teach me??

Everyone needs a squirrelly cardigan, though the jacket idea was probably my favourite :)

Andrea said...

oh, these squirrel cardigans are my thing! LOVE them so much : ) xo

Vixie said...

Tell me about it Andrea! I am super obsessed with squirrelly things at the moment!

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