West London Adventure

Since it's almost the end of the summer holidays I decided to go and have a bit of a play about in West London with Miss Susie the other day. We caught the overground train in North East London and whizzed all the way to West London, all without going underground even once. Our destination was Shepherd's Bush - the fabric shops there are legendary and we deserved a bit of a treat.

We started our adventure in Westfield shopping centre, as it is right next to the station and Susie had never been there before. I should have remembered it was full of toy shops - oh dear, not the safest place to start for two silly girls who loved playing with silly toys. It didn't take long to find something incredible, check it out:

It's a kitty with troll hair! KITTY TROLL! There is also a monkey and a puppy in the pack - plus a little brush so you can brush.their.hair. Wonderful! I had to have it, and I'm sure you can see why, non? As well as that, I got some Ocean In My Pocket (I know right, how did I not know these existed until now?) because the little jellyfish, clam, seahorse and their other ocean friends were flocked. Yep, a flocked jellyfish. How could the day possibly improve?

...other than with ice creams and a wander down to the market...

We slowly walked through Shepherd's Bush market in order to take in all the pretty things. I love that it's the kind of market where the stallholders are friendly and welcoming and not offended if you don't buy anything. I always feel a bit guilty walking around looking at all the stock and then leaving without making a purchase, but the guys in these stalls were completely OK with us just looking. The lack of pressure from them didn't stop us from buying all the pretty things though - beads, ribbons, pom-poms, fabric and fancy trimmings. Although I spent *cough*waytoomuch*cough* I'll just show you my two favourite purchases of the day:

The chevron-y ribbon is glittery and lovely and all good.

The Venetian mask fabric might give me nightmares, but I had to have it - just look at it! If anyone fancies something beautifully hideous made out of it, do let me know - I bought rather a lot of it in my excitement.

By the end of the day I was a very tired bear and when I arrived home I didn't have the energy to part Yoyo from my new purchases. Looks like she'll be keeping the pretty yellow polka dot fabric then. No cushions for me.

2 hellos:

Siobhan said...

The kitty trolls are made of magic and win. This is just obvious.

Vixie said...

Yes, yes they are. I imagine everyone I know will be receiving them for Christmas gifts :)

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