utterly phenomenal knitwear

I was thinking earlier of a way I could add some snazz to the many dull outfits I have, and so of course my mind wandered onto the subject of cardigans, as it is prone to do occasionally.

The (supposed) rules are: if your outfit is a bit boring you can wear the most ridiculously fab cardigan over the top in order to add some interest and focus. But frankly I would wear these cardigans with anything and everything in my wardrobe.

Lounging at home on my day off, even if I know no one will see me apart from the postman?
Cardigan please.

While wearing an already pretty snazzy outfit?
Cardigan please.

Walking to the local shop on a Sunday morning to buy a pint of milk?
Cardigan over pyjamas please.

They are just too adorable not to wear all the time!

I've even given them a little 'cute' rosette because they win at being cute.

And I know this isn't a cardigan, and I apologise, but this jumper is incredible:

It has hedgehogs on it! Hedgehogs! Need I say more?

4 hellos:

Anonymous said...

There was no link from google reader to open this post, weird.

All I wanted to say was I love your knitwear posts :)

Vixie said...

hurrah! I'm sure there will be plenty more - I am only a little obsessed :)

Siobhan said...

Yes - google reader was broken with this post. I like the jumper. I want to buy one at the moment that has squirrels on it. I like squirrels.

Vixie said...

Ooooh, squirrels would be goooood. I'll have a look and see if I can find all the woodland animals :)

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