take me to the sea

Until I was asked to make an anchor hairclip the other day, I had completely forgotten that when I was a wee one my most favourite fancy dress item was my Captain's hat - yeah, it had a gold anchor on it and everything. I used to looooove it and wear it all the time.

I had been begging my mum to get me a 'sailor's bed' for ages (it was white and had a desk underneath the bed, and you had to climb up a ladder to get up to the bed) and apparently my obsession with the nautical hadn't stopped there - a sailor's bed required some kind of uniform, surely? It made sense when I was 8 and, as I couldn't have had an anchor tattoo at that tender age, a hat seemed a very reasonable request.

I haven't actually seen my captain's hat since I was a child, perhaps it was lost when we moved house. Though nor have I ever seen any pictures of me wearing said hat, but I can assure you it existed, and not only in my imagination. Perhaps my parents were so appalled at my wanting to run away to sea to be a captain, when all the other girls wanted to be mermaids, that they refused to entertain my childish folly by photographing me in it.

I would have been an awesome sea captain.
A girl can still dream.

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