summer reading list - part 2

Well I'm done with the first round of summer reading, though Unicorn Mountain has once again been left by the wayside for and I'm pretty sure I have better things to do, like looking for squirrel cardigans or going to Ikea, for example.

However, I now have more books to read, yay!

Although I'm already halfway through this, I forgot to tell you about it earlier (I'm not sure how I managed to forget it - it has even been invading my dreams)...

Oh Jason, I love you. And look at that, you love me too! How wonderful!

Reading this makes me feel like a teenager again: joyfully reminiscing about old characters from Neighbours - those were the days. In case I get too caught up in an emotional teenage state, I also have a very grown up book to counteract any such silliness:

The title is pretty to-the-point, and the author asks you to make lists and things throughout. Despite my love of list-making, it is a little annoying to have to stop reading the book in order to write a list every 10 pages, but hey. Perhaps it will seem better if I stop ignoring the demands to make lists and just give in... maybe that's the secret to enjoying the book? I'll investigate.

Finally, a nice bit of fiction:

This was recommended to me by Jms after we watched an adaptation of another of the 44 Scotland Street stories in Edinburgh earlier this month. The play was shockingly bad, but the story seemed quite charming so I'm willing to give it a go.

Are you reading anything interesting at the moment?

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