suffering from wisdom

I would've thought that by the time I had reached my late twenties, all of my teeth would probably have made their way out. It's a little late for my wisdom teeth to decide to show up, but here they seem to be coming! I thought I was through all the rubbish of new teeth, but apparently not. The swellings behind my molars have finally broken and the teeth of wisdom are determined to break through.

I have long wondered why they're called "wisdom" teeth when there seems nothing wise whatsoever about them? I expect it's because they are supposed to be the ones you get when you're oldest (normally between 16 and 25 years old) and therefore you are, presumably, wiser than you were when the rest of your teeth came through?

a happy little plush tooth by Kate Cooper of tinypom

In Croatian and Serbian, wisdom teeth are known as 'umnjak', meaning mind tooth, as they are the deepest of the teeth. In Spanish they are known as 'Muela del juicio', meaning Judgement Molar, again presumably because by the time you get them, you will have "expanded overviews and judgement" and in Korean (according to Wikipedia) they are called 'sarangni', meaning love teeth, referring to the young age and the pain of first love.

I think I would rather have the pain of first love than the inevitable pain of these latecomers. Perhaps they'll just stop half way and never actually finish coming through. Ooh, or perhaps if they do come through I can have them removed and made into a necklace... (too weird, non?)

Has anyone else got a case of the latecomers? I can't be the only one whose wisdom teeth haven't come out yet!

2 hellos:

jennifer said...

My wisdom teeth haven't come in either, Vicky! My dentist really want to do this really detailed oral surgery on me involving bone grafts, and I won't let him. If it's not bothering me, I'm not gonna do it!!

Vixie said...

Good plan! I have to go and see what the dentist says about mine, hopefully he'll say I can just leave them to it!

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