Moppe: my multi-drawed hero!

Last week I actually ended up taking two trips to Ikea - to two different branches.

During the first trip, after very sensibly getting only what I had gone for, I found myself aimlessly wandering around the home storage area looking for some small drawers to use in my studio. My childhood home used to be full of Ikea FIRA drawers, and I haven't been able to find anything as good since Ikea discontinued the line last year. It was a pretty tragic time for crafters - those little drawers were perfect for storing supplies, as well as useful household items and other things that needed to be kept away from curious little hands.

My local store was being refurbished, and the displays had all changed in line with the arrival of the new catalogue. There were lots of new things, plus lots of other things missing. Nothing will ever be as sorely missed as those mini drawers though.

In a desperate attempt to find something suitable, and having not been able to find anything in my local store, I checked on the Ikea website where I found, to my delight, a new product called Moppe. Hoooorrrraaaayyyyy! Mini drawers are back! I was so excited that I immediately went to check the stock level at my local store.

0 in stock.

No expected deliveries in the foreseeable future.

Nooooooooo! So close, and yet so far...

Except, I remembered that there is another Ikea not that far away - in Wembley, NW London. I'm in NE London, so it's not really that far... really. Unless you get stuck in a massive traffic jam due to roadworks. Eek.

I managed to find the wonderful Moppe, and, as their website had told me the day before, there were indeed 16 in stock. But there was also another product alongside the Moppe, with 6 drawers instead of 9. I'm not sure if it was another variant on the Moppe, but there were also 16 of those in stock. As tempted as I was to buy all 32 of them, I thought I had better leave some for the good people of Wembley, so I only bought 6. But that's still 36 mini drawers-worth!

They are now happily residing in my studio, doing an expert job of keeping threads and ribbons and buttons away from a certain meower's little paws. But I don't think I have quite enough storage yet - I long for an entire wall of mini drawers, imagine that! And at £14.99 each, I'm sure I can afford to get just a few more. it looks like I'll be off to Ikea again in the next few weeks. Let me know if you'd like to join me!

4 hellos:

Missy said...

This is the problem when EVERYONE shops at Ikea! Things were out of stock at ours, too, when we made a desk last summer. I also can't get the Sticka blanket around here, too! :(

Claire said...

IKEA? Yes please! Tea and Ikea soon?


PS Yay mini drawers!

Siobhan said...

So glad you have drawers. I am slightly obsessed with ikea storage.

Vixie said...

It wasn't that they were out of stock, they weren't expected to be in stock at all - apparently people in Edmonton don't need mini drawers! But hooray for Wembley!

S: Soon I'll have even more drawers, and then you can come and see my immense drawer wall!

C: always tea and Ikea. Always!

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