a dreamy midsummer night

Last night, as I was feeling somewhat better, I decided to treat myself to a little trip to the theatre, darling. I had been planning to see 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at St Paul's, the Actor's Church, in Covent Garden at some point during the summer, and last night was as good as any!

I had already read great things about the show, and as it was being performed by the Iris Theatre company I had no choice but to love it - I saw a couple of shows of theirs last year, and they were simply splendid!

According to their website, "Iris theatre is dedicated to creating site specific work which uses epic spaces to house total theatre; encompassing music, movement and text". This they certainly do.

The plays are mostly played out in the gardens, where canopies are erected, walls of willow are built, and hammocks are hung between trees. For this production, one half of the garden was Oberon's domain, the other half Titania's, and the paved courtyard in front of the church was Bottom and the rude mechanicals' arena.

a view of Oberon's chambers from a nearby office

You cannot beat the kind of theatre that is done outside in the summer sunshine, with live musicians, actors performing in such close proximity, and in which the audience plays more than just a passive role. As with all of the productions I have seen there, the audience are asked to move from one area of the gardens to another so that the next scene can be played. The first time I went there this was a real novelty, and it continues to be even after this many visits.

If you have the chance, go and see the show - it is as enchanting, bewitching and funny as Dream always is, but with the added extras of lounging in the sun, live music, home-baked cakes in the interval, and the opportunity to chat with Oberon (like you do).

The show is only on until 6th August - more info on the Iris Theatre website.

2 hellos:

Claire said...

Oh what fun!


Vixie said...

It certainly was! You should defo try and go :)

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