lost treasures part 2: expired camera film giveaway

It may not be as exciting as my last studio discovery, but I have just uncovered a box full of films. The last time I used film was a good couple of years ago now, so most of them are expired... yeah, like that's going to stop me! The films have been kept in a nice cool, dark environment so I'm hoping they won't be completely useless.

I don't think I have ever knowingly used expired film before, but perhaps the colours will be less dense and more dreamy, or super distorted - ooh, I hope so!

Here is a breakdown of what I found, with expiration dates when known:

67 films in total! And all but 4 of them expired between 2005 and 2010. Sheesh.

I found some photos on the Lomography website which were taken with Polaroid film that had expired in 2002, only a little earlier than my 2005 films, and some photos taken with film that had expired in 2007, just to see what I could expect.

As I appear to have 17 rolls of one particular film (the Agfa Vista 200, which also expired in 2007), do let me know if you would like a roll, and we can do a little photo-exchange-experiment-project type thing!

Here is a review of Agfa Vista 200 film, but bear in mind that was when it wasn't expired, so who knows what it could be like now! It's all a bit exciting.

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