let's stop fannying about, shall we?

You might think I would be ashamed to admit this, but I'm really not...

*deep breath*
I have really missed bumbags.

And not even in a particularly ironic way.

They are so incredibly useful - just enough room to store your keys, your bus pass, your pocket money, a tamagotchi and some sweets. And really, what more do you need when you're 10 years old? I had a few bumbags back in the early nineties: my favourites were a black faux leather one and another black one with fluorescent piping edges. Oh how I miss you guys, I wonder whatever happened to you.

So it seems we've gone right through the '80s phase' and managed to survive all the hideous memories they brought back, but the 90s should come back with more of a flourish, you know, to compensate all the horrors of the 80s.

In amongst this, the bumbag is due the most magnificent comeback of all the accessories - they need to be remembered for the good they did for children in the 90s, like allowing them to climb trees and ride bikes without fear of losing the contents of their pockets in the process. Of course, children of the 90s are not the only fans - tourists everywhere love them because they're so darn practical!

I'm not saying that we should stick with the original fluorescent nylon we all knew and loved (admit it, you loved them too), but by all means let's bring them back - but let's bring them back in style!

And what better way that with one of these amazing creations from Wilder Alison:

{1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9

These hip pouches are just what a girl about town needs - practical, comfortable and stylish to boot - with enough room to carry around your keys, phone, Oyster card, monies and lip balm, I simply can't imagine what I have done for all these years without one!

When I asked Wilder Alison about her reasons for making these beautiful creations, she had a very practical reason for her newest accessory:

"I always carry around too much stuff, so I made myself a fanny pack to challenge that. Fanny packs are totally utilitarian and easy to wear – they’ll just hold what you need and your arms stay free. It is easy to get your Metro card out of the credit card snap front pocket. I put a pencil holder on mine, too. Friends kept asking me if I sold them, so I made some more."

My humble little wish that the bumbag/fannypack is no longer a fashion faux-pas or the telltale sign of a tourist, but instead denotes that the wearer is a busy lady with things to do and people to see, and yet is fashionable and on-trend, has come one step closer to being granted!

Despite my own enthusiasm, Wilder doesn't seem to join me in my views (though I think I may have enough enthusiasm for the both of us)...

"I am not sure I'm convinced that fanny packs are back in style! I get mixed opinions about that, but I am amused by the process of making a lovely object out of an ick-factor concept like “fanny pack.” I am wary of how aesthetic and era-specific trends must affect my relationship to utility. My priority with the fanny packs is utility and therein I want to neutralize their negative associations. I like the possibility of reclaiming the form; making an appealing version of a thing someone expects to find repulsive."

I'm all for that - and I'm positively ecstatic at their reappearance!

And I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

To see more of Wilder Alison's work:

2 hellos:

Kaz said...

I totally have one - it's for my running - I wore it today, it has my mascara, concealer, key, wallet, keyfob for work, oyster card, ipod, phone and gym pass in. as well as some Tissues and plasters for emergencies. All I want is one big enough for my kindle :)

Vixie said...

I am uber jealous - I need to get myself one ASAP! I'll have a look for a Kindle-sized one :)

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