goodbye holidays, hello work

Today is the last day of the holidays.

To cheer myself up from the prospect of going back to work I decided to treat myself to masses of some pretty glittery things.

It certainly hasn't felt like I've had 6 weeks off work. I have got quite a lot done, but at the same time I could've done so much more. I guess it's like that every time you have a long stretch off work - you have a couple of weeks of just relaxing, then a couple of weeks doing stuff you don't normally have time to do while you're working, like catching up with friends and family, and then once the final weeks are upon you and you're finally feeling productive and awake and ready to get on with stuff, before you know it it's back-to-school time.

Tomorrow is a training day, so at least there won't be any kids in yet - it'll just be lots of sorting and tidying and doing admin ready for the new term. Friday will be a getting-used-to-being-back-at-work day, so that shouldn't be too bad either, and then there are another 7 weeks of term until the next little break.

Bring. It. On.

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Claire said...

Woo! Bring it on indeed! And now I even get to see my Vixie and Kaz at the weekend too!

Epic win,


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