double rainbow

The other day there was a double rainbow outside my studio - I don't remember seeing one before in real life so I got quite excited and took lots of pictures. It was a bit of an odd phenomenon - it was really cloudy but with just one really bright bit of sunlight hitting the roofs of the houses outside my window, and then it suddenly started raining but was over again in no time, and then there were the rainbows.

Naturally, this inspired me to make a pretty treasury, full of lots of rainbowy things.

what a way to brighten up your day!

4 hellos:

sister planet said...

You took a beautiful picture!

(Love the little cloudy dachshund and the rainbow!)

Vixie said...

Thanks Laura! It was just so odd - really bright and yet really grey - beautiful!

The rainbow dachshund is my favourite too!

Claire said...

Oooh, I love the goodies!


Siobhan said...

I like the rainbow necklace. A lot.

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