Diana: Goddess of light leaks

I have owned my gorgeous Diana F+ for over a year now... and have finally bought some medium format film for her...

I originally bought her as a little gifty to myself, expecting to be able to perform a little wee hack and get her to take 35mm film as well (this was before I even knew there was a 35mm back*), but life got in the way and I completely forgot about her until I saw some lovely rolls of 120 just looking at me the other day, longing to be purchased. So I bought three of them.  Now that may only be 48 photos, but I reckon it'll be worth it. Plus they are square photos, and I love squares.

Diana is a plastic "novelty" camera (though I'm not sure she would appreciate being called that), and is known for her light leaks and dreamy blurred images, just look at this gallery of beauties.

I am so looking forward to taking her out on an adventure when the weather clears up a bit - alas the drizzly British summer has returned - and I'll let you know how my first attempt with her goes!

*I have just discovered that there is also a Diana instant back! {adds to wishlist}

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