the countdown begins

If you read the blog live, rather than in a reader, you may have noticed the addition of a little purple countdown calendar just above the treasuries list in my sidebar.

You might be thinking: "ooh, that sounds fun, I wonder what it's counting down to...?"

I'll give you a little clue:

It's counting down the days until Eurovision 2012!

I know it's still 278 days away, but that doesn't make it any less exciting for me. It is, however, looking more and more unlikely that I will be able to go to Azerbaijan to see it live, which is a real shame, but finances are quite stretched. Tickets will be on sale from November but I have no idea about prices yet, and flights from London to Baku will cost roughly £400, so it would be quite an expensive weekend if I did end up going.

In other Eurovision-related news, a new Moroccan TV channel have said they are hoping to enter a song into the contest next year. Morocco has entered once before - in 1980 - where they came second to last, hence their unwillingness to enter again.

I'll let you know when they confirm. I know you can't wait!

2 hellos:

Claire said...

I am sad that you can't go, but also epically excited cos this means we might actually get to watch a Eurovision together! Eeeee!


Vixie said...

Wooohooo, Eurovision rocks my socks off!

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