the romance of musical instruments

If I were to ask you in all seriousness, "which do you think is the most romantic of all musical instruments?" - do you have any idea how you would answer?

I know, right! It's a tough one...

...but it's something I'm going to have to find an answer to very soon - it's my Ma and Pa's 24th wedding anniversary on Monday, and as there is no traditional symbol, such as gemstones or flowers, for the not-so-milestone-ish anniversaries, someone wonderful has come up with modern symbols for every anniversary between 10 and 30 years. 24 years has been given the symbol 'musical instruments', so that's going to be the theme of their anniversary card.

Now with some kind of context, I feel I should ask again: which do you think is the most romantic of all musical instruments?

Could it be the brassy French horn (which is actually German)?

Could it be the holey ocarina?

Maybe it could be the insanely awesome laser harp?

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