the quest for the aura

I recently came across a site called Fiverr, where people offer to do things for $5. It may sound a little dodgy, and some of the offers are a little ridiculous, but some of the offers looked pretty neat.

I found one 'gig' from a chap named Sam Cornwell, which promised an original piece of work-in-progress photographic art, using a method that he has personally developed. How could I resist that for just $5?

I received the print below in the post this morning. Do you think it was worth it?

I think it is simply splendid!

Sam has made a short video showing how the unique images are created, which you can see here, and you can purchase your own one-of-a-kind "photographic aura artwork" here.

Go do it!

7 hellos:

bevymay said...

What a lovely post! :)

katiesaurus said...

i love Sam Cornwells work, he is a very talented man.
Such nice words about a nice fella.

moo said...

I'm a fellow fiverr seller and in this case buyer - I received one of Sam's prints when he first started this gig and it was impressive! Certainly well worth the $5 - in fact he also got a tip for his trouble (and I still got a bargain).
Nice guy and good work.

GemTrem said...

I absolutely love these aura prints,every single one is different and absolutely beautiful. The colours are amazing.

This is such a lovely post :)

Vixie said...

It's absolutely beautiful, so much more so in real life - I love it! I might even start a little collection of them, imagine how amazing they would look in a group!

Flock_&_Follow said...

Awesome post :) I love my Aura prints, have bought 3 of them!

Claire said...



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