the lost treasures of Vixie's studio

One of the best things about tidying my studio and forcing myself to sort out boxes from my childhood/teenage years, is the magnificent lost treasures that I've found - the most recent being this little gem:

This game was released in 1989, the year of Jason's first solo number one - 'Too Many Broken Hearts' - in March (after having had a number one hit with Kylie in January 1989 with 'Especially For You') and I'm pretty sure that in 1989 I would have been waaaay too young to have had this bought for me, so I must have bought it, with a sense of retro irony, as a teenager later in life. Possibly even when I was at uni.

I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I still listen to Jason Donovan (in fact, I'm listening to, and thoroughly enjoying, his Greatest Hits as I write this) - his delicious pop treats are timeless classics!

Go on, indulge yourself:

Now, back to the game - the objective is to collect puzzle pieces and "win the heart of Jason" by answering questions about him and the occasional truth or dare style question about your own love life. It sounds bloody brilliant - anyone want to come eat ice cream and play it with me? In fact, it sounds as though it'd be a good pub game...! Come on, let's do it!

Amazingly, it's never been rated on BoardGameGeek... but don't worry, we can change that!

4 hellos:

PhilH said...

We'll be offering to host a board games night once we move into our own pad, so you can bring it then. I'm sure Laura* will love it.

*which means 'I'.

Vixie said...

Yay, sounds great! I look forward to it!

Siobhan said...

I have had this song stuck in my head all day *shaky fist* (secretly loving it)

Vixie said...

Teeeeheeee! You love it!

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