dancing through my dreams

When I was just a little bear, I used to attend ballet classes every week. I just had to stop myself from writing, "I used to do ballet" - I don't think I actually successfully did any ballet, I just went to the classes. I'm not even really sure why I went, I guess when you're an 8 year old girl, it's just something you do. I don't recall a lot about it, other than we did the classes in a church hall, wore pink and white, and had those cute wrap-around cardigans, which I loved. In fact, the cardigans alone were probably enough to keep me there, even when I had decided I didn't want to go any more.

I had decided, after only a very short time of taking ballet classes, that what I really wanted to learn was how to tap dance. For one, they wore way cooler shoes (which made clip-clop sounds when you walked!) and for two, ballet wasn't terribly fun when you're not very good at it. I wanted to leap about and have jumpy fun and make clicky sounds, none of which were really possible in ballet. I don't recall why I was never allowed to follow this ambition of mine, perhaps it was too expensive, or maybe my parents thought it was just another of my many obsessions, which would dilute with time.

But oh no it hasn't! I still dream of learning to tap dance, and I blame my mum - when I was young, she and I would sit and watch Gene Kelly films again and again, and it must have rubbed off on me. Singin' In The Rain has for a long time been my favourite film, and what does that involve? An awful lot of leaping about, jumpy fun and clicky sounds, that's what!

I don't reckon I'm too old to take up a new hobby - would anyone care to join me if I find a tap dancing class somewhere nice in North London?

2 hellos:

Anonymous said...

I'd be keen for that. Singin' in the Rain is one of my favourite films too!

Vixie said...

I will definitely look into it and see what I can find nearby :)

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