Christmas in July

OK, so I know it's only July. And I know there are still 149 days to go until Christmas... but today I embarked on a splendid Christmas shopping expedition with my friend Claire.

Selfridges opened their famous Christmas Shop this morning, and you know I can't resist a bit of it. We arrived in the early afternoon and there was almost no one there, but we couldn’t contain our excitement in the prospect of Christmassy goodness. The section was much smaller than it was last year, and they had decided to go with a white theme, rather than the traditional red, gold and green. There were still touches of colour, but it was largely white – a little ambitiously, I feel, since we only average a White Christmas in the UK every 6 years, and the last official one was only 2 years ago, but hey, we can dream!

It was nice, if a little surreal, to wander among the trees adorned with glittering icicles, sparkling snowflakes, shining white baubles and (oddly) Siamese cat ornaments. After much perusing, we decided that although the displays were beautiful and ever so Narnia-esque, there wasn’t really anything that would “go” in either our houses – and it seemed a little foolish just to buy something for the sake of it. Feeling rather proud that we had resisted temptation (in the Christmas Shop of all places!), we treated ourselves to a cream tea at Dolly’s cafĂ©. Nyom nyom nyom, say I.

Every year, the British media goes a bit mad with their reporting of Christmas shopping getting earlier every year, and it being too commercial and fake these days, not like in the olden days etc. and the British public, often in agreement, always have something to say about it too:

“The magic has gone, this is obviously capitalism at his worst” - says ‘Stealth’ from Manchester

“There should be a law to stop traders marketing Xmas before 1st Dec. Britain at it's worst yet again.” - says ‘Bandit’

“I used to enjoy Christmas but now it just seems to be an excuse for everybody that can to make money” - says 'Peter'

and my absolute favourite…

How many of you realisticaly [sic] head to Harrods or Selfridges to do Christmas shopping anyway. Perhaps those that can afford to should be shot.” - thanks 'Richard'

Finally, a sensible woman with a sensible point:

"don't see what the moaners problem is... No-one is forcing anyone to buy it now if you don't want to. And why does it stop people enjoying the summer months?? What is wrong with people wanting to spread their xmas shopping out over several months instead of having to cram it all into December with the rest of the crowds??"

Well said, Pam.

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How do you feel about early Christmas shopping? Have any of you started already?

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PhilH said...

Not so much *early* Christmas shopping, but just Christmas shopping bothers me. Enforced present-giving often takes the fun out of it.

We do a Secret Santa between the adults now, and everyone buys small fun stuff for the kids. And of course for partners, which I get to partake in this year (yay).

It's so much nicer as a result. I'm getting an unusually long Chrimbo holiday this year (not going back til the 9th!), but normally it's quite a short and hectic festival with lots of added exam marking - not very restful - and going without most of the present buying makes it so much more relaxed.

Vixie said...

But I don't feel it is enforced. I LOVE Christmas shopping for other people!

That is an insanely long Christmas holiday - I am uber jealous!

But that's my point - if you start shopping now then you won't be stressed out nearer the time! Claire and I even make Christmas spreadsheets :)

PhilH said...

I don't know, it just seems wasteful to buy stuff for people that they don't really want or need. Especially when you end up buying something silly because you can't think of anything they'll make proper use of and not just throw away after a few hours'/days'/weeks' amusement.

That probably makes me sound like a total misery-guts, but I just want to chill out and spend time with my family at Christmas.

Also, quite a few of the things I'm palming off onto charity shops in the move, are presents from people that I've never really used.

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Oh my goodness.. Wow! I love Christmas! Love this whole post! I wish there was a nothing but Christmas store around me.. Id be going crazy! haha and I make Christmas spreadsheets too! Oh yes.. I love Christmas shopping for others! and decorations, I am an ornament fanatic! haha

Vixie said...

Perhaps I'll look for some Christmas decorations in Harrods for you when I go later this month :)

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