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Considering my penchant for milk chocolatey delights, and my fondness of European travel, I would have confidently assumed that I've tried all the chocolate bars that the continent had to offer, but no - the other day I was presented with a Ferrero Duplo Stick - which I had never even seen before, let alone tasted.

Duplo Sticks are comprised of thin wafery biscuits sandwiched between layers of creamy hazelnut nougat cream, all covered in milk chocolate. They're nice. Not amazing, but pretty nice. If you would like a more detailed critique, you can read a review of Duplo Sticks here: Jim's Chocolate Mission. It's pretty much my new favourite website - chocolate reviews plus statistical diagrams, what more could a girl want?

The best thing about Duplo Sticks in my opinion is the ridged outside of the bar - they've been made to look like little twigs, which I find simply adorable. Perhaps you may think it a strange characteristic to find twigs adorable, but they just are. And to prove it, here are some more I found:

click on image to be taken to treasury

You can't honestly tell me you don't think all of these are just wonderful?!

2 hellos:

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing those things on a cake. A cake shaped like a log cabin, or something like that. Or on the swimming pool from the Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book:

Vixie said...

Oooh, that looks delicious! Nyom!

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