swappy swappy swap-bot

I signed up to Swap-Bot a couple of weeks ago (man I loooove receiving post!) and have just taken part in my first swap, woop! Knowing me, you won't be too surprised to hear that my first swap involved the Royal Family. I flippin' love 'em!

I had to swap Royal Family themed postcards with three people around the world, and I couldn't resist but get them all Will & Kate cards, natch! In exchange, I received a Diana postcard, and another Will and Kate postcard for the ol' collection.

The next swap I have signed up for is a tea swap - how British am I! - where I have to send some interesting teas to a lady in Brazil and one in the US. This morning I received a little bundle of teas from someone in Latvia! Awesome!

Out of our collection of teas (oh yeah, there are 17 types of tea in my little kitchen) which do you think I should send? I'm thinking perhaps some Scottish heather tea, or maybe some whisky tea?

If only I could find some Will & Kate tea for them...

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