hello new week!

Ah Monday, you feel like a breath of fresh air after the weekend I've just had. Who would have thought I'd be so relieved to be going back to work? It's nice to have lots of things to occupy your mind when you're in a weird state of over-thinking-ness, even if all the thinking you do at work is about how you wished you worked for yourself and how useless your colleagues are... maybe they just do it to make me feel superior? I hope so.

It feels as though it's been ages since I wrote a proper post... I haven't had the internet at home for over a week (I know right - imagine how much reading and tidying I've been able to get done!) so I haven't really had a chance to write anything much lately. I suppose I should use the time at work when I'm not "working" to scour the internet for fun stuff/edit some photos/construct some bloggy bits, but instead I find myself just looking for pretty dresses... what a naughty blogger I am!

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Amy {I Am Adorkable} said...

I'm the same; I too sometimes sit at work thinking how I wished I worked for myself... not so much about how useless my colleagues are; I guess I'm lucky in that retrospect.
I always try to use my lunch hour to think up things to add to the blog but, like you, I also procrastinate a bit too much and end up just looking at cat vs human or icanhascheezburger.
Happy My-day!

xo Amy.

Vixie said...

Hi Amy! Happy My-day to you too! I'm glad it's not just me who does that, I suppose everyone does to some extent though. Please don't think I always contemplate how useless my colleagues are, just when I'm having a bad day!

I can't get enough pictures of pretty kitties, or pretty dresses: it's wasting a lot of time that I could be using for far more important things! Will have to keep a check on myself now I've realised I do it!

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