Happy 0.5 Christmas!

There was a rule in my house when I was growing up that I wasn't allowed to talk about Christmas until after my birthday in November. But now I'm a 'grown-up', I can make the rules! And I say today, being 25th June, is half Christmas! Yayyyyy! I absolutely love Christmas, and there is nothing more awesome than celebrating a mini one half way through the year! As I know I am not the only one who feels this way (hello Claire!) I decided to celebrate it a little more formally than past years... however, having foolishly expected to be able to find "Christmassy-food" in the supermarket in June, I was thoroughly disappointed to find no mincemeat to make mince pies, no suitably Christmassy biscuits and no satsumas to put in the stockings! We made do with fancy choccy biccies though, so I suppose that's good enough! Plus Jamaica Ginger Cake and custard for good measure.

I woke up very early (as is expected on 'Christmas' morning), did a bit of tidying and then promptly fell asleep again, to wake again far later than I had meant to. Panic not, I still had plenty of time to tidy the house before our Christmas guest arrived.

Yoyo was very keen to help with the wrapping of gifts, and after having done the dishes, swept the floors, cleaned the kitchen and decorated the tree(s) we were done! Claire arrived brandishing a bag of gifties (woo!) and after exchanging and opening them all, we drank masses of tea, ate masses of biscuits and listened to Christmas songs and carols. As lunch was cooking, we partook in the usual Christmas tradition of watching a really awful film; it was te-rri-ble, and not even in a good way, but hey, it's tradition!

Lunch made everything better - roast potatoes, honey-roasted parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower cheese, brussel sprouts, Yorkshire puddings and gravy, nyom!

I flippin' love Christmas.

Anyone else celebrate Christmas in June, or is it just me? According to this article Jesus was born in June rather than December... so perhaps I'm not so odd after all!

4 hellos:

Claire said...

Christmas 0.5 was ace!

Bring on Christmas 0.57!


Vixie said...

Yeah! Let's do itttttt!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Ha ha I'd much rather celebrate summer instead of xmas, but hey everyone is different! :) I love your illustrations, soo cute!

xo Lisa

Vixie said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks! I guess summer is pretty cool too - I'll probably have a half midsummer celebration in December...

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