100% organic free-range unicorn tears

It is Yoyo's birthday soon, she's going to be 2 years old! Crazy! And what better way of marking the occasion than by giving her this:

Isn't this the best thing you have e.v.e.r s.e.e.n? In case you can't tell from the picture (!) here is part of the the product description for your delectation:

"a beautiful gold chain necklace...replete with magical tears of unicorns....just for...your sweetest, raddest, awesomest....CAT!!!!

Typically, an item like this would go for $25,000 or $30,000...but, right now...we are selling these for only $22!!! This is a limited time offer and will be sold for $25,000 or $30,000 soon...so, don't delay!!"

It's true that Yoyo is the sweetest, raddest and awesomest cat that I know... but before I part with my $22 I need some more information please...

"...these are Unicorn Tears...and, they are precious...and, they are magical. Because of this...never leave your curious/devious cat alone with these! The power of unicorn tears is too powerful for humans....therefore, that is true for cats...many times over!!!"

Oh, I seeeeeeeee! That explains it. I'm sold.

"But what about meeeeee?" I hear you cry... don't worry, you can buy them for humans too, phew!

How impressed does this cat look?

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