update 10 - 794/1000 and a dilemma

I have managed to get up to 794 origami cranes for Japan - and I am unsure what exactly to do with them when I reach The Big 1000.

The original plan was to raise lots of money through sponsorship and send the money and the cranes to somewhere specific, like a school, to help with repairs and as a sign of good luck for the future (though reading that back it sounds really patronising - it really isn't meant to be). Of course, it would be a little irresponsible to just send money to some random place, so then I thought perhaps I should give the money and the cranes to the Red Cross and they would distribute the money where they felt it was most needed, which would be great, but would mean that I wouldn't know where the money ended up, and although I'm not doing this for my own benefit or to make myself feel good, I would be interested to find out where the money goes and how it helps people. Plus, I don't think the Red Cross would know what to do with 1000 cranes!

The only other thing I can think of would be to sell the cranes to make more money for Japan - that way at least I would be able to give as much as possible, though it does detract slightly from the point of the project and the point of choosing 1000 cranes, as the idea behind making them - that they are meant to bring hopefulness and good fortune - was an idea I so wanted to convey.

It's a really hard decision, and I simply don't know what to do...

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/recommendations/advice?

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