a passion for geese

What could be better after a long day at work than to come home, kick off your shoes, drink a nice cup of tea, curl up on the sofa and scour the internet for pictures of geese. Yep, you read that right: geese. They are my latest obsession. Don't even ask where it came from, I just really like geese at the moment... Owls are so last year - geese are where it's at!

Last night, I accidentally spent over an hour looking at goosey items on Etsy, and what can I say - I'm glad it's not just me who loves them! Saying that, most of the 3783 items that pop up when you search Etsy for "goose" are fascinators or headdresses featuring goose feathers of some variety, and frankly, a goose-phile like me is not looking for that kind of stuff. I want goosey things, not goose-feather-containing things.

As always, I know I can rely on people on the internet making the most wonderful things that I had no idea I needed until I saw them... such as GOOSE OUTFITS!

Now, I know that these sellers say the outfits are for plastic or concrete ornamental garden geese, but I'm just not convinced that that is putting them to their best use - I reckon they would look even more fabulous on actual geese!

I long for a goose of my own, even just an ornamental goose, to dress up and play with in some of these outfits:

1. Sailor girl goose outfit by Dress My Goose
2. Red Hat Society goose outfit by ballnskein on Etsy
3. Mardi Gras goose outfit by Dress My Goose
4. Rain coat goose outfit by Dress My Goose
5. Pilgrim goose outfit by Dress My Goose
6. Summer bikini goose outfit by sbickell on Etsy
7. Jester goose outfit by Dress My Goose
8. John Deere goose outfit by LorisCrafts on Etsy

All images used with permission.

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