the day I accidentally wore a see-through dress

I'm Blushing print by Everything Little Miss on Etsy

Now that the London summer is here I figured I should probably stop wearing jeans every day, and let my little legs get some sun on them. I'm not very good at wearing clothes that aren't boyish, and, apart from my cardigan obsession, all of my clothes are pretty shapeless and plain, and consist mainly of jeans and t-shirts.

In an unusual moment of girliness, I recently decided to buy myself a nice little sun dress, as it seemed like the kind of thing one should do in preparation for summer in the city. I opted for a neutral colour, navy blue, still a bit boyish, and a very simple shape.

I was planning to do an outfit post today: I am in fact wearing my pretty new blue sun dress, with a cute yellow belt and a navy blue spotty cardigan, with my hair in a braided bun, and I thought I looked hella cute... that was until one of the girls in my Year 8 class told me she could see my knickers through my dress. Ooops. I have no idea why no one had thought to mention to me earlier in the day (this was at about 11 o'clock already) that my dress was see-through - no doubt they were just enjoying the show! I wasn't really sure how to respond to what she had told me: I silently turned a blazing shade of beetroot and spent the rest of the lesson with strategically placed boxes, worksheets or books in front of me!

After the lesson, I rushed out of the class and asked some trusted (haha) colleagues why they hadn't bothered mentioning the opacity of my dress, to which they claimed they hadn't noticed, until I stood back from them and revealed a little more of myself than I had intended to, at which they gasped and fell about in fits of giggles.

I felt like a naughty child as I was escorted to the medical room to look through the big brown box of lost property to find some shorts to wear under my dress, and although they weren't terribly flattering, at least they protected my modesty a little. For the rest of the day I pranced around in a positively jubilant state, showing off my new shorts to everyone, and the embarrassment that I probably should have felt for my inappropriate exposure was completely non-existent. Perhaps all the drugs I was given at the hospital the other night are having a little more than a positive effect on me!

When I have bought myself a little petticoat or some such, I may re-attempt to do the outfit post, but I certainly will not be doing it "au naturel"!

3 hellos:

Claire said...

Hee. Shorts under dresses FTW.


Anonymous said...

thanks for including my print in your cute (if embarrassing) tale!

Vixie said...

You're welcome, April - it summed up the situation perfectly!

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