the cutest embroidery - and for a good cause too!

On my perusal around the internet on my lunch break today, I rediscovered this lovely Etsy shop, which was featured in my Splendid Embroidery treasury a while back:

Not only does it sell super duper cute embroidery patterns (I will start that embroidery project soon, I promise!) and adorable printables, but from now until the end of May, 100% of Mollie's shop profits will go towards building World Vision Caregiver Kits which are used by volunteer AIDS caregivers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. More information can be found here.

On Mollie's blog she says:

"The supply of kits is extremely low, and World Vision is seeking people to get more kits put together. They are even matching donations, so for every kit built, they’ll send supplies for a second kit. The moment I read that, I knew we needed to do something.

Until the end of May, 100% of my shop profits and 100% of sponsorship ad funds will go to making World Vision Caregiver Kits. 100%! If you’ve been thinking of making a purchase, now’s the time to do it."

Well, you can't argue with that!

And to entice you further, I'll show you some of my favourite things from Mollie's shop...

1. otter lists 2. cuckoo clock pattern 3. sweet treats embroidery patterns 4. office worker lists

Hurry hurry hurry - you only have a couple of weeks left!

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