will and kate bunnies

I woke this morning to sun streaming through my studio windows, my cat purring loudly on top of me and the sound of birdsong filling the air. What a perfect way to wake up!

I made myself a lovely cup of Earl Grey and, taking advantage of the perfect light, I decided to do some painting. I haven't done any watercolour painting for ages, but my attempts at using other media when colouring my Will and Kate animals were all disappointing failures: the pencils were too uneven, the watercolour pencils ended up far too dark, using markers made the picture too blocky and bland-looking (though that was my fault, rather than the pens. I have never been very good with markers. I should probably get a book about using them or something).

Watercolour was my last option...

I think a well-used watercolour palette is one of the most beautiful things in the world

Will and Kate as bunnies!

I like the subtlety of the colours - I know in their official engagement pics they were both wearing very bold colours, but I don't think my style of illustration suits bold colours very well. What are your opinions?

After finishing the painting, I thought I had better add a bit of bling for Kate's ring. Good ol' glitter!

Off it will go tomorrow morning in the post to my friend Georgia, as I won't be seeing her until after the Royal Wedding - I hope she likes it!

I'm quite tempted to put prints of the illustration in my shop - she and I can't be the only people who would want a picture of Will and Kate as bunnies, right??

3 hellos:

Claire said...

So cute!


PS I was hoping for badgers. As always. :-)

Vixie said...

I bet you were, but be patient and I'll see what I can do :)

Claire said...

Hee. That wasn't a hint, just my traditional proclamation of badger loyalty :-).


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